Neil Blakey-Milner


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Seattle since October 2015
Mountain View (2011-2015)
Cape Town (2000-2011)
Grahamstown (1997-2000)


Facebook Meta since 2011
SynthaSite Yola (2007-2010)

Personal projects

Currently at least somewhat active

Setting up this very site (Feb 2024-)
“Learning Rust through Advent of Code” blog series (Dec 2023-)
Working slowly towards my “Leveling up” book


Setting up my homelab multi-GPU server (Jan/Feb 2024)
Advent of Code 2023 (Dec 2023)


Revamping my personal authentication story
More Bevy experimentation/playing is always on the cards
Finally looking at Neovim?
Finally make some personal video content? (including Motion Canvas, Manim, and friends)
Experiment with Tauri, Slint, and other Rust-friendly GUI/app frameworks
Combining Stable Diffusion, structured input, and projection mapping for great justice?